July 23, 2012

Fresh off the boat

After sleeping on floors, buses, trains and couches the passed eight months I’ve finally arrived in London, settled and started a job at Picture Production Company.

I had traveled overland from Beijing to London, and arrived feeling slightly delirious. Originally planned back in 2010 to be a two week trip in China, my friend Alex and I decided we should just quit our jobs, buy one-way tickets to Beijing and go on an open-ended adventure. Now, since we’re both still away from home, it’s one that hasn’t quite ended.

I’ve now developed a gut, and a few self-defaming stories. I guess I can sleep upright and be patient enough to travel 40 hours by bus – skills that will rarely come in handy. What I do have is some awesome memories and shared some great times.

I remember Alex quoting Paul Theroux, towards the end of our trip.

“You think of travellers as bold, but our guilty secret is that travel is one of the laziest ways on earth of passing the time.”
– Paul Theroux

This sums up the travel experience incredibly well for me. Yes, it’s my choice way to spend time and money, but it really isn’t really worth gloating or admiring (which is hypocritical since I am gloating right now).

Arriving in London was tricky. I needed to get a job, a place to live and a bank account. The dilemma was that I couldn’t have any of these without at least one of the others. All I had was my backpack and a god-awful stench. I caved in and paid an insane rental deposit, leaving me to feed off £3 curries down the road.

Getting the rust off my old design-gears wasn’t hard, particularly with all the pitches that seem to be going on over here. Now I’m glad to be back into the work swing; particularly in such an impressive city.

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